Essay on College Impact Initiative Of Flexible Delivery

1351 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
According to the Madison College impact initiative of flexible delivery, “as student demographics shift and technology offers more choices, Madison College is meeting students‘ needs by providing customized learning options that work best for their increasingly busy lifestyles (Madison College, 2014, p. 62).” This includes the traditional classroom setting, classes held completely online, and classes that are a hybrid between the two. In all of these options, there are various technologies that are used to enhance the learning experience for the student. While the college has put forth great effort in offering these customized learning options for students, there is still work that is currently being done regarding the communications that are sent to these same individuals. The communications range from informational messages to items that require action from the student. For a student to show success in their college career, they must have the ability to receive, interpret, and respond to communications as well as complete the learning objectives in the classes that they take. Regardless of the learning option provided, if the student is unable to effectively communicate, they will have difficulty completing their intended educational goal. This will have a further impact on their ability to maintain success in the workforce after college. Understanding the different communication styles as well as allowing for different communication approaches based on the student will…

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