College Football And Professional Football Essay

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In sports today, college football and professional football are two of the most watched sporting events on television. The thrill of thousands of people at a football game tailgating and spending time with friends and family excites most people. Although college football and professional football are similar because they are the same sport, the two levels of the game have many differences that set them apart from one another. A well-known difference between college football and professional football is that the players are not financially compensated in college football where they are financially compensated in professional football. College football is a privilege for the players. While enjoying the privilege of playing college football, players can go to school and receive an education, and sometimes be granted scholarships that go towards paying for their education while in college. Consequently, college football players are compensated for their duties and sacrifices while playing college football, however, they are not financially compensated with a yearly salary as professional football players are. Professional football is a profession, meaning it is a daily job. Every day throughout the entire year, the players in this league work to provide an income for their families and entertainment for the public, rarely getting days off. Professional football players play their games on the weekends and during the week, leaving little time away from practice to spend with…

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