Cost Of College Education Essay

The cost of college education vs. the value received
Every year the cost of collage education rises. With that comes an even higher amount of people who drop out. But what is the value that is received from it? The high cost of college not only worries students and their families but the school administrators as well. They worry that these costs will drive away students. Right now in order to attend an IVY league school for four years you would be spending at least 120,000 dollars.”(Casse and Mano 38). Financial aid is the best answer for most students; nearly half of the college population receives some form of aid from the government. The stress that applying any paying for college can cause on families can be very high. Most colleges provide institutional financial aid for lower income students but this
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In most homes saving for secondary education should start when the child is an infant. But with the rising cost even saving for close to eighteen years is not enough time to save enough money to pay for the full cost of a four-year degree. Luckily with government financial aid the cost is lowered significantly for students attending community college. But if they choose to attend a university afterward this is where the higher costs come in to play. With the cost of tuition constantly on the rise more and more students forgo the idea of a four year degree or drop out in the process due to lack of funds.
Not only do families have to worry about the price as a whole but also the quality of the education that they receive. If you compare the actual price of education to the cost of instruction students are not actually paying the full cost. Also not for profit schools claim that the majority of their income comes from government assistants and grants not from tuition itself. High costs of secondary education can signifigintly reduce the rate at which students

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