College Athletes Way Of Pay Essays

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College Athletes way of pay Student athletes are those who play to represent their school spirit. They play for the passion and love of the game and sport. All student athletes have a special reason for wanting to represent their school sport. If paying an athlete was really an issue for the players, they would have already stopped playing the sport, and would have started to protest for pay. Those who still stay on the field really enjoy the sport and are not looking forward to getting paid. Most of these passionate athletes are very competitive and prefer to be committed to sports instead of just being at home doing nothing. Most of these athletes are satisfied for having the opportunity to play for no cost and still get benefits from it. Student athletes should not get paid because their education is already paid for, college sports would be turned into a job, and they already get additional help. First, student athletes should not get paid because they already get their education paid for. In the article Compensating for college athletes the author Tim Ajman states that “college athletes already (for the most part) are on scholarships and receive many benefits because of their campus celebrity” pg.212 Student athletes almost always get their full tuition paid and some even get extra scholarships and do not have to pay for meals or dorms. Some players never even think of asking for pay because just being part of the team is like a dream come true. As…

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