Essay College Athletes Should Not Be Paid For College

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Imagine you’re a college athlete and your mornings consist of waking up early and heading straight to practice. After your morning practice you then have to attend your classes. Let’s say you are failing a class or need any additional help, so now you have a few tutoring sessions to go to. Before your day comes to an end you will have more practice and chances are they will end late. After that you could possibly fit in some homework or study time then hopefully get at least five hours of sleep in. As a college athlete you would have to follow this routine for the majority of the school year. You would not have any time to find a job to pay for things because all of your time would be devoted to your sport and studies. Keep in mind not all athletes have scholarships or full rides to help pay for college which leads to an increasing amount of debt being built up because no income is gained to pay for school. Therefore, wouldn’t you want the college to pay you in some way as a substitution for not having a job?
Some people think athletes should be paid for their dedication and hard work, while others think paying a student athlete would ruin the integrity of the sport. I personally believe that colleges should, in some way pay their student athletes because scholarships do not always provide enough and it would benefit the athlete and college as well. To start off, scholarships don’t always cut it, they do not always cover all expenses. Athletes do not have time…

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