Essay about College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College athletes work just as hard as the professional level, so why not pay them? College athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies while earning nothing for themselves. Justice has to be made or students would start quitting for not being paid. College athletes should be paid for there performance, the money they gain for the institution, and there level in the sport. College athletes performance has a big impact on them being able to get paid. Depending on ones performance determines how much money they should be getting paid. It is possible that through outreach efforts that focus on both performance enhancement and mental well-being, stigma related to mental health counseling can be reduced. (Beauchemin, p268-280) Additionally, using terminology such as “performance enhancement” or “mental toughness techniques” may stimulate some athletes to learn mental skills, adhere to mental training, and/or be open to seeking services. (Beauchemin, p268-280). College students performance also has to have performance in the books also. If one start lacking in the class work then one wouldn 't be able to participate in the sport one plays. So book work has a lot to do with it also. No matter how good one is, if one not good in the books then one wouldnt be playing, or getting paid. Sports at the college level, particularly the money sports, are about much more than the games. They represent a form of social leveling and an avenue for social…

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