College : Activities Worth Joining Essay

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College: Activities Worth Joining
In last week’s post, I gave caution about joining clubs and their secret ulterior motives, especially when in college. I’ve also talked about the importance of networking when going to school.

Besides clubs, there are several activities and events worth going to when in college. I’ll talk about a few worth checking out.

Workout Classes

This is a no-brainer.

Sure, everyone goes to the gym, but if you aren’t going to a workout class you are missing out.

There is no ulterior motive here; just people wanting to get into shape. Your college gym should offer them for free or for a small cost (mine was like $15 per semester). Not only do you get in shape, but you are also going to get to know people your own age. And guys, these classes are dominantly female so take advantage of that. Plus, the students who are going to be working out at the classes (especially in the morning) are the type who have a lot of desire and discipline (desirable qualities for friends or a mate). Sure you might get some vain and mentally unbalanced health nuts, but you’ll get a lower ratio of those people compared to your local gym.

Since people aren’t really going there to make new friends, I would suggest going to a favorite class a few times before you try to start a conversation with someone (unless they start it first). Let them feel a little more comfortable and familiar with you before saying anything or else you might come off like…

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