Collective Bargaining Essay

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Public Administration

Collective Bargaining Case Study LaTonia Gover HRM/532 December 10, 2012 Steve Nance

Collective Bargaining Case Study The Case Study regarding the PBA (Police Benevolent Association) union was a situation against the city management. The case study is regarding negotiation for improved pay, and benefits with a bad relationship between the management and the union with fear and disagreement. The
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Proposing early retirements to reduce the senior officer population, the city management is seeking to reduce pay and the benefit packages. The PBA believes that these actions will be taken if they do not agree to the terms provided to them. There is a thought to contract with the sheriffs department to perform the duties of the police officers the contract will be renegotiated carefully for reimbursement of the police buildings, and the equipment used by the police. The negotiation offers some officer the opportunity to work with the sheriffs department. There are other parts to the negotiation with those who will have seniority, the pay rate and benefit package for the police and the sheriff departments. This negotiation solves the problem short term and determining a lump sum amount for officers who will leave the department. The collective bargaining process was contracting the sheriff’s department to replace the police and still meet the needs of the public. The downside to the collective bargaining is less control over the quality of service provided by the police department, and there is no way of knowing if the cost will continue to be low for the Sunbelt Police department. The outcome was unsuccessful because the PBA fought back harder and filed charges against some city managers because some managers refused to

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