Essay on Collective Bargaining And Union Contracts

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Collective Bargaining In Berryessa Union School District

Working as a teacher one would believe that within the union contract would be provisions that specifically protect and benefit the teachers, the student, student academic achievement, and equity. After close examination of the contract, I found very little benefit where student equity or achievement were concerned, moreover, the contract seemed to cover how the district and teacher interactions should occur, and students benefits are a by-product of the contract. The collective bargaining and Union Contracts are for the sole benefit and protection of the teachers, and staff covered under the contract. Ultimately the contract, at its best, provides protection and services for teachers so that students eventually benefit when the district and its teachers are taken care of.
The contract provides for the protection of teachers to the detriment, at times, of the students. Teachers who are known to be ineffective continue to teach in the different grades without any consequence. Of course it is up to the administrator to oversee the teaching staff and make corrections, such as retraining of ineffective teachers. Berryessa’s contract limits the movement of teachers without explanation.
In order to transform schools and become more equitable then teacher movement might be necessary. Berryessa’s contract does allow for movement at the discretion of the principal. Teachers can be moved, but not arbitrarily nor…

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