Collective Bargaining And Productivity Bargaining Essay

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Collective bargaining is a great way for employees to voice their ideas and opinions on a particular issue within their workplace. Employees having a voice is key in building the workplace environment and showing respect for one another. Unions can be structured to help with compensations, bonuses and investments. Unions have the power to negotiate compensation packages for employees. The support of a union is good to have, in these times where employee’s jobs are not guaranteed. “Prevailing economic conditions influence bargaining strategy. In recent years, belt tightening, downsizing and privatizing have led to two related trends: concession bargaining and productivity bargaining” (Berman 2013, 450). Workers can benefit from collective bargaining through maintaining their wages, health and pension and making sure they are following their job description. The use of collective bargaining helps explain proposals and regulation of a particular business or agency. Teams are set up to better assist employers and employees with workplace concerns. Therefore, they can sit and voice workplace concerns and possibly this meeting could lead to a resolution. Employee’s rights are taken very seriously through bargaining and negotiating. “An example of this is the right to compensation, which mandates that a minimum wage be paid and requires that overtime be paid, at time-and-a-half of the regular rate, for hours more than 40 per week” (Berman 2013 66). This is in place so…

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