Essay about Collaboration Between Customers And Organizations

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Executive Summary
Different experts have explored the possibility of forming collaborations between organizations and customers, towards increasing the creation of strategic value. The literatures that have explored the possibility of collaborations between customers and organizations have pointed out that it can lead to better innovation and the creation of ideas that foster outcomes. The collaboration between customers and organizations is an increasing phenomenon during the digital age, mainly because the digital platform allows easier and more rewarding interactions. From the exploration of the strategic use of the digital environment in engaging customers highlighted that it offers value in various areas, including nurturing customer relations, sourcing for consumer feedback and sourcing for innovative ideas. During the mid-2000s, collaborative marketing models were developed, due to the service-oriented logic, where the marketing process is not only targeted at the consumer but developed cooperatively with the customer (Prahalad and Ramaswamy 2004).
The approaches used in the engagement of consumers include using engagement as the platform for collaboration and interactions. The approach helps organizations to collaborate with their customers, and the value drawn includes receiving feedback on product improvement. The second approach is that of viewing customers as partners to the organization, and this approach is helpful in providing useful insights towards product…

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