Substance Criteri Case Study

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Assignment #2
List the substance criteria that you observe from the case study. Explain, after each criterion, a rationale for where in the case study you saw this being met.
1. Substance is often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended.
In this case study, the client named Matthew has been drinking for over 20 years since he attended high school. Matthew described the usage rate as beginning with 3-5 beers an evening, five days a week. That is already at 15-25 beers consumed a week. As time progressed, Matthew’s usage rate continued to increase, despite multiple attempts at quitting ‘cold turkey” in the past. The last usage rate reported by Matthew was now 6 beers on weeknights and 12 beers on weekends and holidays.
2. There is a
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However, I do think there are enough red flags to proceed with the hypothesis that he has a high likelihood of depression or another mental health condition. The fact that the client indicated that he had not had a previous psychological screening despite symptoms of uncharacteristic behavior indicative of depression is the first sign that a screening is, at the very minimum, worthwhile. While there has been a history of depressive symptoms for periods ranging from one month to six months at a time, it is not clear if these times matched up with the attempts at going “cold turkey” from alcohol. This would be an assessment question I would ask. Currently the client, having been sober for 3 days prior, appears to be experiencing depressive symptoms as well. The client claims that he did not suffer from these symptoms prior to the last 5-6 years. Since the client has had a long history of drinking, with an increase over the years, it is hard to tell what influenced the onset of these periodic depressive symptoms; whether they were alcohol-induced, biological, or

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