Cognitive Psychology: Love Drugs: A Cognitive Perspective

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Love Drugs: A Cognitive Perspective In relationships, emotions take hold in almost every way, sometimes, we even lose sight of our brains in favor of our hearts. But what if we completely lost the ability to follow both our hearts and our brains? Recent science has debated on whether or not “love drugs,” drugs that can be used to keep people together or separate them, should be used in relationships. Some argue that these drugs could be used to keep families together or end abusive relationships. However, from a cognitive psychology perspective, these “love drugs” would essentially defeat our choices in relationships and remove the ways in which we process information and how that influences our behavior. One of the most important points …show more content…
If we simply take the easy way out of our problems by taking these love drugs, our marriages aren’t fixed, they are just turned artificial by giving us a false sense of happiness, removing the ability to have authentic feelings and thoughts about them. Many say that these love drugs will mend broken marriages, keeping families together for the children. However, divorce isn’t always negative. If we think about our relationships and try to make them work and find no way to, or if it is an abusive relationship, divorce is the best action to pursue upon. This way, partners can then find a relationship that is successful, allowing children to see an actual example of a real relationship, affecting their behavior in their relationships, rather than an artificial one. Along this same line of thought, Neil’s (2013) article “Love Drugs: Can Ecstasy Save Your Marriage?” for the 2014 University of Michigan Student Philosophy Conference mentions that these love drugs risk creating a world “of medicated zombies programmed for superficial happiness rather than actual experience” (Neil, 2013). Superficial happiness isn’t what we seek, we want authenticity in our relationships, allowing authentic behavior. Also, as previously mentioned above, experiencing the reality of things can allow us

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