Cognitive Perception Patterns Case Study

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Cognitive Perception Pattern:
V.S said that she uses the glasses that she bought at the store for reading, but feels her vision worsening. She hasn’t been to the eye doctor in a while. She denied problem w/ hearing. She reported that her primary language is English, and that she graduated from high school and trade school. V.S said that she wasn’t experiencing any pain at the time of the interview (see previous: modified gait).When asked about mood changes like anxiousness and depression, she said that she was currently experiencing those feelings, and said that it was related to her son’s health status. Objective
V.S was alert and attentive during the assessment; with prior medical knowledge, she understood everything I was doing
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This is a major problem for V.S, because if she is not getting enough sleep, it may begin affecting her in adverse ways; she could develop physical issues such as cardiovascular problems. It could also contribute to an increase in her stress level, or affect her decision-making in the workplace. V.S’s primary care provider should be notified of her ongoing difficulty sleeping, because perhaps the dosage of her Ativan needs to be changed.
2) Risk for imbalanced nutrition R/T diet recall and metabolism changes w/ thyroidectomy AEB skipping lunch, and weight fluctuation. V.S is at a higher risk for chronic disease because of her weight fluctuations. Her dosage of Levothyroxine may need to be altered. Also, V.S’s nutritional imbalances could impair her energy level.
3) Impaired Gas Exchange R/T lobectomy, AEB
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Prolonged sleep deprivation can affect physical and social wellbeing; for example, it can suppress the immune system, lead to cardiac and vascularization problems, and obesity. In V.S’s case, as she already has disrupted metabolic and endocrine issue relating to her thyroidectomy, it’s important that she gets adequate sleep, or else these could worsen. Additionally, as a member of the health care team, it is imperative that V.S gets enough sleep so that she can operate at her best, and avoid preventable medical mistakes. In the future, with increased education and further sleep research, it is likely that V.S will find a more effective way to handle her insomnia (Sleep Health,

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