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As I walked into a Joe Muggs coffee shop within a Books-A-Million store, I observed the serene yet packed café looking for a unique character. Within the store, several windows line the front wall of the cafe leading to a small floor area of about five tables for customers to sit while they enjoy their refreshing drink from the café. To the back of the café is the counter with an inviting display of cookies and treats alike lined across the left side of the counter. The sleepy barista leans over the counter waiting for another coffee patron to approach with an order. As I scan the small area of the building I notice a middle aged man sitting alone at a corner table near the largest window within the shop. Mr. Zachary Hebert sips indulgently …show more content…
In coffee shops one can find students, parents, workers, the elderly, and young couples all enjoying the relaxing atmosphere at any time of the day. Many people come to these cafes to do homework, study, and to just grab a cup of coffee to fuel them through the day. Many people also enjoy skipping the hassle of having to clean a coffee pot and cup just for one cup of coffee. Coffee shops remove daily distractions allowing for productivity. Author Conor Friedersdorf states, “Coffee shops provide Just Enough Distraction—more than a dead-quiet office, but not a rock concert 's worth. They also lift the mind from thinking it 's on a deadline (even if it is), and can often make work seem more fun,” (Friedersdorf 1). Friedersdorf says that many people come to coffee shops because of the obvious benefits of removing you from other distractions that are only available at home: TV, food, and lying down on the sofa and "accidentally" taking a nap. When you have a project due the next day, all three of those are extremely tempting when they 're right there and available, and so getting out to a coffee shop only leaves the internet as your primary …show more content…
Hebert helped to reveal many things that the original first impression did not. Mr. Hebert continues to come back to this café to pay homage to all of his hard work in the past and to reminisce on his college days, according to Hebert it is simply something that followed him out of college. He claims to enjoy the comfort and serenity of the café the most. As of present day Hebert visits the coffee shop every weekday after leaving from his job as an emergency room nurse. Hebert plans on continuing this ritual as he feels it is necessary in order for him to finish all of his work and to unwind after a stressful day at work. When asked if he thought it was important for everyone to have a place such as he has the café he answered, “I think it is very important for everyone to have a place where they can go to just spend free time with friends and unwind, while it is very important to face your daily responsibilities it is also important to allow yourself to have a place that makes you happy so that you can escape your stress,” (Hebert). Hebert says that he wasn’t very surprised that this habit caught on do to his hectic life at home all while juggling school and a blooming young relationship with his now wife. Mr. Hebert plans on teaching the practice of finding a place of focus to his children. He wishes for them to be successful as possible and finding a place where they feel at home in the

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