Code Of Ethics And Code Of Ethics In An Organization

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Ethics is at the core of not just adherence to Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct but also of an organization that socially responsible. Organizations aside from aiming for economic and product missions should ultimately aim to do business in accordance to respect to all owners, customers, employees, suppliers, community members, and natural environment. Hence, it is important that members of organizations are ethical and are hired in accordance to some ethical principles and values, and that Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts are developed, communicated, and responsibly practiced by an organization’s members. In Chapter 3, the importance of hiring ethical applicants in developing and reinforcing a high-integrity work culture within an organization …show more content…
The importance of both were also discussed as well. In relation to this, the parts I find interesting are the Code of Ethics Content, Code of Conduct Relevancy, and Implementing an Effective Code Communication Strategy. The content of the Code of Ethics is interesting because it highlights the importance of not just an organization’s values but as well as an employee in making sure that business is in grounded on principles important for both. I learned that the Code of Ethics which provides employees something “to live by” within the organization which inspires employees to work ethically contributes to increased level of employee morale and job satisfaction. Moreover, the Code of Conduct’s Relevancy is interesting because it provides employees clear and specific idea on what the Code of Ethics entails – behaviors that are representative of an ethical work. Also, development of both Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct address possible issues of major importance or problems that organizations would have to keep an eye to such as the thin line between bribery and business gratuities. I learned that by providing a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct an organization would have more capacity to control unethical behaviors accordingly, furthermore it provides not just employees but all stakeholders something to build their trust on to; with clear and transparent Code of Ethics, and Conduct on which employees abide to and customers are well-aware of, a relationship built on trust may emerge. Most importantly however, is not the development of these two but how it is communicated to all stakeholders but most especially to employees. Hence the Effective Code Communication Strategy is of interest. I learned that regardless how sophisticated and well-developed a Code of Ethics, and Conduct is it would not be beneficial if employees are not well-informed and aware of

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