Coca Sustainability Essay

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Review of the 2014/15 Coca Cola Sustainability Report
Part 1 – Report Analysis
Coca Cola’s sustainability strategy is aligned rather than being just an afterthought. That is, the sustainability strategy is effectively aligned with the company’s strategic objective. As
Coca Cola endeavors to refresh the world, the company and its local bottling partners strive at creating new value for their customers. The management is also committed not only on effectively implementing the strategy, but also keeping it aligned with the general strategic objective (Coca Cola, 2015).
The company’s sustainability report follows Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and the goals also reflect the TBL. The TBL is a framework that integrates three
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Through this, the company has CDP score of Point 380 carbon (Coca Cola, 2016).
The report is insightful and transparent enough. That is, it demonstrates great understanding of the situation including the challenges and opportunities. The report is developed based on well-acknowledged sustainability reporting standards. Furthermore, rather than relying on internal sources only for information, the report includes much feedback from different stakeholders.
Part 2
Human rights is a material to Coca Cola for its value chain because various reasons.
Coca Cola operates as a global system with its operations spanning the globe. The company markets its products in more than 200 territories and countries around the world (Coca Cola,
2015). Furthermore, Coca Cola recognizes that the communities in which it operates assist the company not only to grow the business, but also continually boost the sustainability performance. The company acknowledges that its entire value chain is prone to human rights risks. As informed in the report, after conducting a priority-issues analysis, the company identified that many organizational stakeholders and external stakeholders considered human rights as among the key issues to report in the report. This issue affects the company’s upstream activities within the supply chain. For instance, Coca Cola

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