Coach Swot Analysis Essay

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Coach has many internal and external factors to consider when coming up with a SWOT analysis. The first strength of Coach that I will elaborate on is their great multi-channel retail network. A multi-channel retailer is a company that sells directly to the public via more than one distribution channel. Coach reaches its consumer through a number of different channels. The easiest to reach of all channels will have to be their store fronts, where the consumer can walk into their stores take a look at the actual product and decide if they would like to purchase the product. Also included in their store front channel would be their wholesale accounts. Their second channel is their mail ordered catalog which usually ships out
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customers do not consider price a major factor. Coach’s next weakness would have to derive from their geographic concentration. Coach’s stores are located mostly in select regions of the US and Japan. There is so much more ground to cover in this world for Coach to just be focusing on two major regions. Coach has noticed this weakness and is currently working on expanding into other regions of the world such as China, Canada, Greece, and Russia. The next part of the SWOT analysis is the external factors of the analysis, opportunities and threats. Coach has a lot to look forward to with the opening of their new stores in the U.S. and Japan. With new store openings come more opportunities to reach out to a wider base of consumers. Reaching out to more consumers will hopefully lead to selling more merchandise. Coach opening new stores also helps out the economy because with more stores comes more jobs. Coach jumped on the idea to expand their growing retail market into China and Hong Kong. Opening stores in these markets will further increase Coach’s market share and enable the company to better endure regional economic downturns in the U.S. and Japan. With the idea in mind that China will be the next up and coming super power in the world, Coach had no choice but to start expanding in the Chinese region. With Coach opening up all these new stores and entering the Chinese

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