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Co-Teaching One teacher is not enough. Co-teaching consists of a teacher and a cooperating teacher sharing responsibilities for teaching some or all of the students assigned to a classroom. It involves, planning, instructions, and evaluation for a classroom of students. Co-teaching provides a way for students to learn from two or more teachers that usually have different ways of teaching. Different methods of teaching are introduced in the classroom which helps the students learn different concepts in different ways. A co-teacher in the classroom, enhances the quality of learning provided to the students in a classroom setting through individualized teaching.
Co-teaching has been in practice for many years. In, 1989, Bauwens, Hourcade, and
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In station teaching “both teachers are actively involved in instruction and the students rotate from one station to the next, learning more material” (Ferry). When doing station teaching the students move around the classroom in different groups for the same amount of time, to learn different parts of the lesson. The best way to do station teaching is to divide the class into three groups. By doing this, one group can work independently, and the other two groups can work with the teachers. While the students are in the group with the teacher, the teacher will “either reteach concepts, or provide enrichment to the students who already get it” (Friend). This helps the students learn about the concepts they do not get when the lesson was taught the first …show more content…
Team teaching is when “both teachers instruct on the same lesson with all the students present” (Ferry). This means that the students are also a part in the lesson. When team teaching, the classroom should be a large, fast past group of students. This allows the students to be taught in a new way than what they are used too. In this structure both teachers are actively involved in the management of the lesson, and the discipline.
Co-teaching has many advantages. Over the years many teachers have used co-teaching to benefit the students in the classroom. The educators who have participated in co-teaching arrangements say co-teaching “enhances the instructional support children need in the classroom” (Curry School of Education). Many studies show that having a co-teacher in the classroom offers the students mentoring opportunities to the students. By having the co-teacher, students with special disabilities will not be isolated for the lessons they need to know for the

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