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Club It Resource: Club IT, Part One and Part Two, and your workshop 2 outline. Evaluate the IT status of Club IT.
Prepare a 700- to 1050-word essay that addresses the following:
Briefly describe Club IT’s mission and primary clientele
Review Club IT’s information resources including the intranet resources; the password is clubit.
Choose one competitive advantage strategy listed in Ch. 2 of Rainer and Turban.
Describe the kinds of information Club IT would need to pursue that strategy.
Describe the Club IT supply chain
Use the SDLC to identify one business problem that that Club IT faces with its supply chain.
Summarize the functional and business requirements needed to solve the problem
Review a supply chain management
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Ruben asks you to identify some new e-commerce technologies and applications to help build Club IT’s clientele and community, and to make their business processes more efficient. 3. Currently, Club IT sells advance tickets to its special Friday and Saturday night concerts by phone or in person. Ruben wants to set up a Web site to sell tickets, so guests may have unlimited self-service access. 4. Opportunities exist for streamlining the ordering process through B2B ecommerce. Sysco, for example, is a major restaurant supplier in North America, which has an extensive Web site ( with many online products and services for small and large food and beverage operations.
Using the information you have gathered from your review of the Club IT Web site and interviews with Ruben and the staff, evaluate the IT status of the business.

1. Club IT’s customers are mostly net generation and millennial. They regularly use mobile technologies such as BlackBerrys, PDAs, camera phones, and other wireless communication devices. Online shopping is a regular part of their lives. * RESERVATION SERVICE and Discount Services
V.I.P Table and Bottle Service * FREE VIP Entry for All of the Guests in your VIP Party. * Unlike normal guests, VIP Tables are guaranteed entry. *

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