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Cloud Resources Vs In-House Deployment (focusing on windows Azure)

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Cloud Resources Vs In-House Deployment (focusing on windows Azure) Cloud resources have gained substantial popularity in the recent past owing to its autonomy and the hype of providing instant data management solutions no matter where an individual may be, (GFI Software, 2010). Several factors must be considered when deciding on what type of system will be used to handle the various classes of data within an organization. Data security is key feature; the system settled upon must ensure that the data is safe at all times whether at rest on the server, in transit or while being authenticated, (Bills, et al., 2012).
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Data should always reside where it is needed most and diversification on data storage and handling system should be done after a thorough research has been done and adequate security features have been put in place. Data access should be dedicated and encrypted so that only the authorized persons can access the data. The system design should incorporate adequate firewalls and authentications to protect data. Deploying desktops as a service for in-house data handling solutions presents the advantages of low costing and taking total charge of organizational data, (VMWare, 2014). It also allows for pervasive mobility and protects the internal IT skills. It is faster to deploy because it does not need advanced design and development and any average technician can install it, (Zeng & Cavoukian, 2010). Choosing a cloud service to adopt takes into consideration the platform used by the cloud service provider and the level of security each system potentially holds for the user. The model can be an internal private cloud that is owned and managed by the organization, (Miyazawa & Nagashima, 2012). It can also be an internal private cloud that is shared among a company and its subsidiaries, (VMWare, 2012). It can as well be an outsourced cloud computing system, owned and operated by a third party to manage data for various organizations that lease its premise, (Cisco, 2012; Bills, et al., 2012). Deploying a

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