Introduction To Psychology Case Study Mina

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Clinical Evaluation
Mina is an 8-year-old girl of mixed parentage whose mother is American and her father is Persian. She was hyperactive throughout her earlier childhood. She persistently argues with adults, and easily loses her temper since six months ago. In the past week, she has been in physical conflict with her mother. Mina pushed her mother away while her mother was trying to make her to apologize for her misbehavior. She splashed water on the neighbor by hose from the roof. She refused to apologize and went to her room and stayed there for hours. Her parents are from different cultural background, especially with different types of parenting style. Her mother explained how hard it is to discipline her or even talk to her about her misbehavior, while her father could discipline her easier by asking her to stay in the corner of the room for 10-15 minutes. Her presenting problem is her lack of understanding of other people’s emotion, though she appeared to have her own
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Also Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder needs to be ruled out because her physical aggression toward her mother is not grossly out of proportion, while her temper out burst could be related to her developmental level. There is not any sign of temper out burst happening three or more times per week or happening everyday. As her mother mentioned her temper has started since 6 months ago, not for 12 or more months ago. However, Major Depressive Disorder could rule out. Lack of a depressed or irritable mood most of the time or losing her interest or pleasure in daily activities most of the time for at least two weeks are the reason that she is not diagnosis with Major Depressive Disorder. There is no sign of changing in her sleeping or eating patterns or having inappropriate guilt, and being

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