Essay about Climate Change Is A Complex Global Issue

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Climate change is a complex global issue that encompasses a multitude of physical systems ranging from the atmosphere to the carbon cycle to the cryosphere and the ocean. This brief provides an introductory overview of the current state of climate science, using data on historical and future trends from recent scientific literature. It explores the methodologies of scientific research on climate change; the role of the atmosphere and greenhouse gases (specifically carbon dioxide) in climate change; the effects of climate change on the ocean (temperatures, sea levels, cryosphere, ocean acidification); and the consequences of climate change on extreme weather. Before delving into the climate science, two terms are unnecessary to grasp patterns in climate change: climate forcing and climate feedback. Climate forcing occurs when a factor external to the climate system changes the actual climate system. A climate forcing could be seen as a “foundational” independent variable to climate change. Forcing factors can be caused by both human activity (i.e., anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide or using land) or by natural events (i.e., volcanic eruptions and solar irradiation) (Rosenzweig and Neofotis, 2014, p. 123). While climate forcings are factors that are external to climate systems, feedback mechanisms occur within climate systems.
Climate feedback occurs when a variable causes the climate system to change in a way that reinforces the effect of that variable, creating…

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