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Client Interaction Strategy
Client Interaction Strategy The change initiative to replace Kudler Fine Foods current software system has been proceeding as scheduled. Communicating the process to the main players is the next step. Below is Hall Consulting’s interpretation of the Kudler Fine Foods organizational chart with the primary people Hall Consulting will be in direct correspondence with. Store Operations includes in with store managers. Chart 1.1 Kudler Fine Foods Organizational Chart


Power and Leadership in Kudler Fine Foods Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods from a personal vision, and has led the organization by the hand, to the top of the gourmet grocery food world. Kathy
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For influence tactics to be successful the target perceives it to be a socially acceptable form of influence behavior. The agent has sufficient position and personal power, the influence tactic has the capability to affect target attitudes about the desirability of the request, the tactic is used in a skillful manner, and it is used for a request that is legitimate and consistent with the target’s values and needs (Yukl, 2010, p. 181). Leaders should create power dynamics to secure the commitments necessary to achieve important organizational goals and objectives.

Chart 1.3. Proactive Influence Tactics and Strategy
|Form of Influence |Agent Requirement |Type of Target Person to Influence |
|Rational Persuasion |Logical arguments, factual evidence, |Relevant Value and Needs |
| |Insight, Technical Expertise, and | |
| |Credibility | |
|Inspirational Appeals |Insight into values hopes and fears. |Desire to be important, helpful, wanting to use their |
| |Persuasive communication skills |skills. Highly patriotic,

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