Classroom Rules And The Classroom Essay

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I believe that 's very important to have a set of rules visible in your classroom for the student 's to see and be remind of the classroom rules. I want to make the rule straightforward and consistent so that the student 's have no question as to what each rule is.(Chapter 18 Wong) “In the Wong book, it states that you should have only 5 rules for your room and if you want to have more present those at a different times throughout the year. Something that you could do is have your set of rules and add to them as the year goes on when they are needed. There will be times that the students think that these rules only are implied in the classroom they 're in, but as a teacher I have to express to the students that they need to know these rules don 't just need to be follow inside our classroom, we need to practice these rules on the playground, at special, and in the halls. On the first day of school I will have a set of rules for the students and go over them with the classroom in a serious voice so that the student 's don 't think any less of the rules. Although I will have my own set of rules that I want the student 's to follow. I would like to give the student 's an opportunity to come up with a set of rules they think are important to them and our classroom that we all must follow. This will allow the student 's get involved in the rule making and may make them to want to follow them a little more. When we are finished with the rules, I will display them in the…

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