Classroom Procedures Are Important For Every Grade Level Essay examples

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Classroom procedures are important for every grade level but especially in a kindergarten classroom. Teachers talk about them, teach them, model them and practice them. It is essential to establish routines and procedures involving classroom basics, working procedures, hallway procedures as well as lunch and cafeteria routines. There are a myriad of additional routines involving bathroom, recess, dismissal and bus behavior. I consider the following fifteen procedures/routines to be important in any classroom. Although only fifteen are described there are many more routines and procedures that need to be established in order to have a well organized classroom.

• Fire drill procedures Before the fire drill, review rules and expectations and discuss the consequences of poor behavior. It is important to go over the escape root. Children must know where they will be going and how to get there. For example, they need to know how to exit the classroom and how to walk in the hallways. I will give the students a worksheet where they will draw their escape root. During the fire drill, students will silently line up in pairs at the classroom door. I will make sure everyone is out of the classroom and then shut the door. The children will move calmly and quietly through the designated route. When the class has reached the meeting place, I will take attendance to make sure every child is accounted for. After the drill, I will review what went well and what did not go well. Students…

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