Classroom Management Case Study

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Nowadays, education becomes a significant and important part in our world so teachers play vital roles in teaching and promoting classroom environment such as building a suitable and warm environment, becoming a role model, nurturing and mentoring students (Mr. Marzano, 2003). Classroom management refers that teachers need to provide the suitable and effective learning environment because it is useful and effective for the students to enhance their personal, cognitive and social growth. Besides, it can enhance their self-motivation, self-evaluation, self-control, self-management, and self-understanding (Ms. Hui & Li, 2008, p.4). In this essay, the first-personal experience related to the discipline problems which interfered with
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In my case, I showed a negative misbehavior such as yelling in class and talking with classmates because I wanted to grab the attention of the teacher. I hoped my English teacher can focus on me. According to the experts, the students always ask questions, perform, cling because they are desperate for social recognition and belonging (Mr. Dreikurs, Grundwald, & Pepper, 1998). Besides, misbehavior among children can be related to the feeling of loneliness or isolation is one of the important causes (Dr. Rehman, 2012). It can be found that if the students would like to get attention, students may break the norms of the class. The students may think that the teacher would not care them unless they do some special things during the class, even break the norms of the class. If students want to seek teacher's attention, they will not mind whether the behavior is positive or negative. In fact, they just want teacher’s attention. They would misbehave repeatedly in order to gain power control their lives (Hirschi & Wilkinson, …show more content…
Students who would feel helpless and low self-confident may refuse to study (Mr. Dreikurs, Grundwald, & Pepper, 1998). In my case, I did not want to attend the English class because of my low self-esteem. I scared that I cannot fulfill the expectation of the teachers. The low marks of English examination and teachers’ blaming lead to my low-self confidence and helplessness. The lower self-esteem can lead to behavior problems (Ms. Guerra, Williams, & Sadek, 2011). If the students feel that they cannot fulfill the teachers’ expectation, they will fear the failure and refuse to put any effort to the class. The students misbehave because they would like to avoid participating in anything that may lead them to failure. It can be found that if students are low self-esteem, it will hinder their desire to learn and concentration that it will cause the classroom misbehaviors (Dr. Ken Shore, n.d). Besides, the teachers required me to get out the classroom. It was positive reinforcement that I would misbehave repeatedly in order to leave the English classroom and avoid the failure of the English. Besides, I did not want to attend the English class because the English content was too difficult for me. I felt

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