Classification Essay : Animals At A Shelter

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Classification Essay: Animals at a Shelter Finish the sentence “Aww look at the dog it’s so...” with hyper, mean, sad, or cute. As a volunteer at the Humane Society of South East Texas, I hear this on a relatively common basis. When people come in to adopt they sometimes feel the need to classify all the animals at the shelter in four sweeping categories, the uncontrollable, overly hyper, off the wall dog, the mean, evil, only wants to bite or scratch you dog, the sad, depressed, anti-social, introverted dog, or the cute, happy, adorable puppy everyone wants to adopt. Sadly, most adopters don’t realize there is much more to adopting a pet than what they can see in the short time they see them. Firstly, there is the uncontrollable, overly hyper, off the wall animal. This type is most commonly seen in dogs. The typical characteristics of these animals include young, untrained dogs trying their hardest to get attention and love. My favorite example of this was a female, black mouth cur, named Bell. She was about two years old and didn’t weigh much over 45 pounds. Every time someone walked past her kennel she would jump and bark trying to get their attention. It wasn’t long before I would stop by her kennel to play and visit her. At first she’d jump and run around the small confinements of the kennel. At first it took weeks of calm training and handfuls of treats, but she learned how to sit on command. Shortly after that I was able to sit on the floor of her kennel, to pet…

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