Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

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Puppy Mills are something that I feel strongly about and it’s not exactly a good feeling. I believe that puppy mills are cruel to animals and we need to put a stop to them. Some people say that puppy mills are fine, they aren’t treating the dogs badly. On the other hand, most people say that puppy mills are horrible and no dog should ever feel that kind of pain and that’s what I agree with. This is something that I feel strongly about because I have a dog that came from a puppy mill and she is blind in one eye because of the awful treatment dogs get there. Puppy Mills are not safe for dogs because they receive little or no veterinary care, the dogs live in terrible conditions, and female dogs are forced to breed over and over again until they …show more content…
When a female dog gives birth many times it is not healthy at all. While a female dog is at a puppy mill it could give birth at least seven times which means about seven puppies a litter, so she could give birth to over 49 dogs in her lifetime! Breeding at a puppy mill is especially bad because the mother can’t gain any nutrients from the lack of food and water so that means unrich milk for the puppies. When female dogs at a puppy mill are no longer able to reproduce, they are tossed aside and left to die. When a breed of dog goes out of “style” the mothers are often shot, abandoned, or even starved to death until they eventually die. There are many more reasons why puppy mills are awful and should be shut down. As we filter through this abundance of evidence we realize that because of these three reasons, puppy mills are not safe. I gave so many facts that explain why puppy mills are awful and cannot be trusted. So many dogs die each day at puppy mills and that just breaks my heart because every dog deserves a wonderful life full of running, playing, and eating. As the saying goes, it’s the dog who is bad, it is the owner who is

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