Essay Classical Learning And Values Of Ancient Greece And Rome

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The Renaissance is known for the festivals of modern day people and even some music but this time period was also a huge turning point for arts and sciences. This time period gave way to “a great revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome”

With many new developments of the world and lives of the people living during this time came new influences and even some old ones. Astronomy, exploration, philosophy, literature, and especially the world of art were off to new ideas. The Renaissance can be traced all the way back to late thirteenth century Italy. This period of time when artists “saw themselves as reawakening to the ideals and achievements of classical Roman culture” is known as the “proto-Renaissance” and dates from 1280-1400 (Renaissance Art). Many of the artworks produced during the Renaissance were major religious artworks “including subjects such as the Virgin Mary and Madonna” (Renaissance Art). Many of these religious artworks were actually used in buildings of worship. Religion was not the only focal point for the artists of the Renaissance; other popular themes of art included marriage, birth, and typical lives of families. The styles of many of the artists spread to other places including France, Europe, and Spain and often times the styles were modified a little. Giorgione and Titan are credited with coming up with a new method of painting during this movement as well that “allowed the artist to rework an image”. This…

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