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CJ408 FINAL EXAM Solution Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwaid.com/shop/cj408-final-exam-solution/ When we trust the judgments of people who have special training, such as a doctor or a lawyer, we are accepting their ______.
1. A) Wisdom
2. B) Expertise
3. C) Authority
4. D) Word
What are the four purposes of research?
1. A) Exploration, description, explanation, application
2. B) Exploration, description, funding, application
3. C) Exploration, development, inquisition, funding
4. D) Exploration, development, inquisition, application
When assessing the potential for harm, the researcher should ___.
1. A) Proceed only when they are confident that no harm will result.
2. B) Proceed only when the harm potential is
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1. A) Self-reported survey
2. B) Victim survey (P94)
3. C) Computer-based survey
4. D) Random survey
The true list of elements in the population is called the _____.
1. A) Parameter
2. B) Sampling frame (P144)
3. C) Population
4. D) Sample
The unit about which information is gathered and forms the basis for analysis is known as _____.
1. A) A sampling element (P136)
2. B) A unit of observation
3. C) A sampling frame
4. D) A sample
The term “questionnaire” suggests a collection of _____.
1. A) Statements (P164)
2. B) Concepts
3. C) Conclusions
4. D) Ideas
If a researcher tries to assess criminal victimization of the poor and disadvantaged, which of the following is less biased than using the term “welfare” in her questionnaire?
1. A) Assistance to the poor (P165)
2. B) On the dole
3. C) The underclass
4. D) Poverty
Which of the following would not be a logical crime to study using the field research techniques?
1. A) Prostitution
2. B) Shoplifting (P189)
3. C) Embezzlement
4. D) Drug use
What time of the year would be best to do an observational study of thefts from cars parked at shopping malls?
1. A) Early in the year, January – February
2. B) Early summer, June – July
3. C) Late summer, August
4. D) Late in the year, December (P201)
FBI statistics and annual reports from the Federal Bureau of Prisons are examples of _____.
1. A) Nonpublic agency records
2. B) New data collected by agency

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