Civil War : The War Essay

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Civil War-The war begins
The Civil War was a four year battle between the North and South, fighting over what America was about and what America was to become. The North and South had different labor systems and economies. The North relied on wage labor the South depended on slave labor for its economic growth. Secession began with the election of Abraham Lincoln in November of 1860. On April 12, 1861, the Civil War broke out with the attack on Fort Sumter when Confederate forces bombarded the Union controlled Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay. The North had to come up with a retaliation plan. The North had many strengths in the war, including the creation and execution of the Anaconda plan and control of the Border States; the south was able compete for so long as a result of the initial win in First Bull Run and with the similarity in military structure to the North.
The north created a plan to crush the South both economically and militarily. Union general-in-chief Winfield Scott created the plan, and his plan called for a strong blockade of the Southern ports and a major offensive down the Mississippi River to divide the Confederacy and cut off supplies and assistance to its heartland. This general strategy contributed greatly to the eventual Northern victory.
Scott planned for small bands of troops to make a move south down the Mississippi River and seize key objectives along the way. They would be part of a larger force numbering 70,000 or more but would be broken down…

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