Civic Engagement : A Important Element Of A Well Working Government, And Voter Turnout

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Civic engagement is a significant element of a well-working government, and voter turnout is one measure of the general population 's trust in government. In any case, with a developing absence of political engagement from its residents, the United States of America may soon rename itself the United States of Apathy. Politics, legislation, and governing rulers will be an entity that affects everyone directly or indirectly in some way, shape, form, or fashion. Your level of involvement and how informed you are weighs heavily on what form of government you are under as well as your motivation to understanding what is happening in the world around you. Someone is going to be in charge whether that be in a cave in the wilderness or in a densely-populated area that constitutes a country. Even if you choose to live a reclusive life far from human contact and interaction you will still fall under the jurisdiction of Mother Nature and all her wonders.
The current year is 2016 Anno Domini and after stepping down in January as the longest running governor for the State of Texas (14 years), Rick Perry announced that he is once again casting his lots at the presidential candidacy. He withdrew from the 2012 presidential race primarily due to disastrous debate proceedings where he fumbled with memory recall over a key issue of his campaign and at another time mistaking the country 's voting age and the date of the presidential election. At his official withdrawal announcement in…

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