Essay on City Of Rock And The Wall Of Water

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I. Scope

The City of Stone is made of three parts, the main city of stone, the city of Rock and the wall of Water. The main city that is surrounded by three walls and there is a wall that separates the city of stone and the city of Rock. The city of Rock has no walls within it. There is a wall, the third wall that can be found further than the location of the wall that separates the main city and the city of Rock, it marks the end of city.

At the end of the city is the Wall of Water, which just marks the end of the city.

Outside the main city walls is the City of Rock. This is a place that depicts an average city with its restaurants, hospitals, gyms, stores, malls, bikes, streets (but no cars, trains or motorcycles), hospitals. There are many parts of the City of Rock called, “Rock Areas” which is a place for people to express themselves. The City of Rock does not have any houses, apartments, trains, schools, libraries, and basically anything that the main city would have.

The main city is divided into three parts.

The biggest part in the main city is where all residents live and many other buildings are also here. These includes hospitals, shops and markets, groceries,ect. Residents can live in different types of apartments, we have one person apartments, family apartments and student apartments. In a one person apartment, individuals who prefer to live on their own can live on their own and they must be at least 15 years of age. In a family apartment, two…

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