Daniel Hudson Burnham's City Beautiful Movement

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Abstract –
The phenomenon of urbanisation, especially suburbanisation, is observed monolithically worldwide, but in a rippling wave like vogue. It trickles down vertically and diffuses out horizontally from the developed to the developing areasand from central to the peripheral regions, respectively. No economically progressing country has ever been able to avert its occurrence, which is inevitable and challenging. The daunting task of intelligently designing and confirming sanity and sustainability for an urban canvas is a multidimensional and multi / cross disciplinary endeavour. This demands retrospective understanding of the place and its people; anticipatory sense to forecast and strategize; and awareness about the practices worldwide and indigenous. Civilizations have always been civilized because of their informed and active citizens, who have come forth to the rescue of theirlands of origin and fellow natives. Representation of
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As a reaction, in the U.S.A. Daniel Hudson Burnham initiated “City Beautiful Movement” which brought into effect civic engagement through the construction of “humane” structures. Daniel typified the new kind of architect and planner who felt that large scale and rational planning initiatives were need of the hour. Under the McMillan Plan that was unveiled in 1902 Daniel was hired to make a fresh plan for the mall area in Washington D.C., which he got demolished to create the “Federal Triangle” of the day. The success was allowed to repeat itself and Cleveland, Ohio was the next to get a makeover under ‘City Beautiful Movement’, where Daniel Burnham, Arnold Brunner and John Carrere were put on job and later came to be known as Clevelanders. Larger than ever before Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett got a larger canvas in Chicago in 1909 to prove that, “Make No Little Plan” was the order of the

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