Pyrmont Ultimo Case Study

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 Describe how you gathered and processed your information.
The main aim of the investigation was to learn the responsibility of the state in finding solutions to the urban growth and decline issues in Pyrmont-Ultimo. The information was collected by observing the phenomena, changes, and developments in inner-city areas in order to ascertain some facts related to urban growth and decline in Pyrmont-Ultimo. During the investigation, the group verified the validity of current information but were not documented in official sources to make sure it is correct and reliable. The data were organized by assessing the information obtained during the investigation and comparing the images of some urban decay areas. In conclusion, the investigation
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This situation has damaged the balance of the urban grid and created great difficulties in the process of socioeconomic development. Suburbanisation created air quality problems through increased traffic and increased water consumption and waste generation. The investigation has provided the information required to know how the urban growth and suburbanisation resulted in a waste of land, overuse of scarce water resources, insufficiency of infrastructure. During the investigation, the team discussed the written documentation of urban decay and compared the photographs of the warehouses that were left or destroyed in Pyrmont-Ultimo. The comparison of images taken before and after the urban decline illustrated the relationship between urban suburbanisation and population decline. Urban growth has caused many problems, such as the housing crisis, the conductors, unemployment, pollution, lack of basic services, disruption of social organization, and the indiscriminate development of Pyrmont-Ultimo. After the decline in the urban area, the physical environment of the Pyrmont-Ultimo region was empty, ports were no longer in use, and jobs were difficult to find as there were few factories looking for workers. However, to improve the reliability of the data collected, the results of the field work should be diagnosed through the implementation of …show more content…
The civil and regional wars that Australia has faced led to a weakness in private domestic production in this Pyrmont-Ultimo. As a result, industrial restructuring saw the peninsula decline dramatically, and it became a little more than an easement for freeway construction. The investigation clarified the process which the urban renewal in Pyrmont has transformed the suburb from a booming port industry of urban decay to the most densely populated areas in Australia. While examining the area, the team focused on the weakness of the industry, which is directly related to the absence of productive factories. The examination clarified the role of changing consumer culture by the reasons for the lack of economic projects, leading to a clear impact on the lack of local manufacturing opportunities. Ultimately, the pictures taken would be clearer if there was an opportunity to photograph the factories from the entrances as it was impossible to visit the urban decay areas from inside due to the lack of

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