Citizen Kane Reflection Essay

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The discussion board served as a fantastic platform for me to express and interact with emerging topics and core concepts throughout the unit. By regularly checking other students input, and having the ability to comment back in thread discussions broadened my insight on many levels, and allowed me to connect with students outside my immediate peers. This was particularly valuable in witnessing the alternate interpretations, ideas and as well as exploring further suggestions or relating topics to broaden my overall knowledge and understanding of the unit. It also served as a journal like place for me to gather my thoughts and ideas and compare them to my peers.

By engaging in weekly screenings my overall knowledge of film production has expanded
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• Use of reflection in windows and mirrors, for example when Kane is dancing as his employees talk about him in the foreground.
• Camera panning: adds level of dramatic action as the camera pans back to leave young Kane evident in the background.
• Montage of Emily and Charles eating dinner: camera pans across to reveal the shift between time and ends with long shot of the two at a long table to suggest disconnection.


Originally I assumed Persepolis would be a childish animation, but I was pleasantly surprised as I began to watch it by its dramatic yet humorous tone that allowed themes of war, communism and adolescence to be cleverly explored through the character of Marjane. I thought the setting of both pre and post Iranian revolution were accurately and depicted which added authenticity to the animations. I loved the simple nature of the animations, as they did not detract from the narrative and the subtitles. Altogether it was a well-crafted animation that gave an intriguing and educational insight into the pre and post political revolution of

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