Citi Bank Case Study

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The fall of Citi bank and rise of Standard Chartered:
Standard Chartered initially saw Citi bank as the leader in the banking industry. Citi bank gave a lot discountsto their customers in terms of collection of money .In turn they made a lot of loss in their portfolio. They were told by the government to reduce their losses for which instead of making the next sales better Citi bank opted for a poor strategy which backfired. Citi bank doubled their portfolio by giving free cards to existing customers To expand their customer base thereby reducing the percentage of loss. As a result of this and poor collection methods they suffered and had to close their operations. Citi bank was bought by Habib bank.
SCB studied their practices closely and
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Digital Bank

After the success of digital branches in many countries, Standard Charted moved ahead and launched the very first digital branch in Pakistan in Dolmen City mall.
Through their outside in approach of studying the market Standard Chartered recognized the shift in the consumers preference towards digital platforms and their increasing need of convenience. Therefore their main focus now is to adopt a multi-channel strategy to move to the digital platform in order increase stickiness with their customers by fulfilling their need. As a result Standard Chartered is continually reducing the number of their branches. Currently only 101 branches are operational in Pakistan.
The digital branch of standard chartered has high tech machines much smaller back-office area that requires less employees and no front line employ (banking officials) at all giving customers the freedom they demand while making
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This application allows consumers to bank within minutes. The idea of this application was to offer the customers unique services and value in terms of convenience. In order to launch this application a creative advertisement was made byOMD Pakistan and Manhattan International (MIL) together. They set up signs like “Sit here to bank”, “Stand there to bank”. When people sat/ stood whole scenario of bank was created. It was a very creative way to promote this application. Customer Representatives helped people understand the use of this application to pay bills and transfer funds etc. The main idea was to show the customers that now they can use the banking services on the

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