Essay on Cisco Chapter 9 Study Guide

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Vocabulary Exercise: Matching
LLC-Provides an interface to the upper layers
MAC- Controls the placement of a frame on the medium
LLC-Remains relatively independent of the physical equipment
MAC-Adds a frame delimiter
MAC-Provides a unique source and destination address
Concept Questions
1. The success of Ethernet is due to the following factors:
• Simplicity and ease of maintenance
• Ability to incorporate new technologies
• Reliability
• Low cost of installation and upgrade
2. Data encapsulation provides three primary functions:
• Frame delimiting
• Addressing
• Error detection
3. Each Ethernet frame contains a trailer with a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) of the frame contents. After reception of a frame, the receiving
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The original thick coaxial and thin coaxial physical media were replaced by early categories of UTP cables. Compared to the coaxial cables, the UTP cables were easier to work with, lightweight, and less expensive.
Vocabulary Exercise: Matching
g.Frame check sequence-Used for error detection
a.Preamble-Used for synchronization
e.Length/type-Specifies the number of bytes in the data part of the frame or specifies the type of data
f.Data-Carries the upper layer data
b.Start of frame delimiter-Tells other devices on the network that a frame is coming along the medium
d.Source address-Specifies the frame’s sender
c.Destination address- Specifies the frame’s intended recipient
Multiple Choice Questions
1. a.1522 bytes
2. d.64 bytes
3. b.The recieving device drops the frame
4. c.The recipient sends a query to the sender to determine how the field should be interpreted
5. ensure that the frame is at least 64 bytes
6. a.The recipient calculates a CRC that differs from the CRC in the FCS field and drops the frame
7. a.Six hexadecimal digits
Conept Questions
1. A mac address is a standardized data link layer address that is required for every port or device that connects to a lan while the ip addresses is a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the internet protocol standard.
2. A unicast MAC address is the unique address used when a frame is

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