Cis 517 Midterm Exam All Possible Questions Essay

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CIS 517 Midterm Exam all Possible Questions
On a network diagram, all arrowheads should face toward the ____.
____ involves coordinating all planning efforts to create a consistent, coherent document.
____ tools track the execution of business process flows and expose how the state of supporting IT systems and resources is impacting end-to-end business process performance in real time.
____ involves defining and documenting the features and functions
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The ____ for an activity is the latest possible time an activity might begin without delaying the project finish date.
The ____ is the minimum acceptable rate of return on an investment.
____ involves estimating the number of work periods that are needed to complete individual activities.
The ____ model assumes that requirements will remain stable after they are defined.
You can determine a project’s ____ by finding what discount rate results in an NPV of zero for the project.
Projects that address ____ are much more likely to be successful because they will be important to the organization.
Good ____ is very important to project success because it helps improve the accuracy of time, cost, and resource estimates, it defines a baseline for performance measurement and project control, and it aids in communicating clear work responsibilities.
A(n) ____ is a methodology that converts an organization’s value drivers, such as customer service, innovation, operational efficiency, and financial performance, to a series of defined metrics.
In the ____, you use a similar project’s WBS as a starting point.
The project cost management knowledge area maps to the ____ process group through the activities of estimating costs and budget determination.
Examples of ____ include acquiring and developing the project team, performing quality assurance, distributing information, managing stakeholder expectations, and conducting procurements.
The project integration

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