Circles Comparison : Discovering Your Circle And Helping My Mom Discover Her Circle

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Circles Comparison
Discovering your circle and helping my Mom discover her circle made me realize that most often we have more support than we think. When you take the time to sit down on decipher through all your friends and family it’s amazing how much family and social support we forget we have. However, who is in the circle can vary among person to person. I chose someone who I thought I was a mini replica of because I wanted to find out hidden differences. In addition, I wanted to find similarities we never thought we had so I choose my Mom. My Mom’s circle of intimacy is very small it includes my Dad, Brian, my sister, Taylor, myself, and her Dad, Lawrence, and our family dog, Oreo. I think due to our age difference that I have included a few more people in my circle. Besides my Mom, Dad, sister, and Oreo, I included my Grandparents and my boyfriend. This fall I lost my Grandpa and I never knew how important to me he was until he was no longer there. Therefore, everyday I am thankful for my Grandparents. Another difference would be that I included my sister while my Mom did not include her siblings. She then explained how she almost thought about putting then in the first circle but felt like keeping her circle small to stress the significance of her close loved ones. A similarity my Mom and I would also have is including our significant other. After hearing they way she talking about my Dad, I think we both rely heavily on them for support, care, and love. For the…

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