Cinematography Treatment Example Essay

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The Might of Spite
Plot Summary
The movie is about a guy (Antagonist) and a girl (Protagonist) living together that get turns to do the laundry. The guy (Thando) is very lazy, watches TV the whole day and refuses to do the laundry even after the girl (Carrie), tries to force him physically. Carrie is miserable after that but then finds another way to get him of the couch. She tells him that his car is being stolen and when he gets outside, Carrie locks the door behind him. Thando sees his car isn’t being stolen. He then sees the washing basket outside and sees Carrie through the window enjoying the victory and waving the key mockingly.

When filmmakers and movie critics refer to a film genre, they generally mean a specific
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Problem Solving Vacuum
Carrie gapes in disbelief because they always make turns. But she won’t give up yet.

Problem-Solution Digits
Thando still ignores her by just looking at the TV.

New Problem Solution Priority Order
Carrie shoves the washing basket in front of Thando, blocking his view of the TV.

Second Explosion
Thando ignores Carrie and just move into a different position to see the TV. Carrie blocks his view of the TV with the basket again, but Thando just reposition again. This happens again and again, until Thando stands up picks the basket up and put it on the floor out of his way and sits down. Carrie gives up and leaves with the basket.

The Second Problem- Solution Vacuum and the Potential Problem-Solution Digits
Carrie goes to the kitchen to think of a different way because by trying to spite Thando to do the laundry is clearly not going to work. But she gets an idea when she sees something outside.

The Dramatic Climax
Carrie quickly locks the door and laughing at Thando, shaking the keys of the door through the window.

The Final Problem Solution Priority Order
Carrie watches Thando from the kitchen wind while he is hanging up the laundry and she drinking a glass of wine.
General Look and Feel of the Film
Design and style are overlapping categories, and it is possible to have an effective design without a distinctive personal style. Style is primarily dependent on the needs of the story

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