Essay about Cinematic Depictions Of Biblical Figures

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Cinematic portrayals of Biblical figures are nothing new, but this seemingly new trend of filling in historical gaps of Biblical history - as it were - most certainly is. In particular, Noah depicted the actual construction of the Ark, Exodus: Gods and Kings added to Moses’ story, and Risen followed the aftermath of Christ’s death – with each film attempting to add flair to well documented scripture stories.

Comparatively, The Passion of the Christ jump-started such a modern trend by carrying out its objective of ‘not holding back’ with a realistic (and brutal) depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. No, it’s not the only film to bring the event to life on either the big or small screen, yet it arguably did it the best. And, in the years following the release of The Passion, it’s become crystal clear that there’s a demand to digest such a story – and those like it.

Now, we have a film that attempts to depict - albeit in semi-fictitious fashion, the childhood of a young Jesus Christ…

In The Young Messiah, directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Stoning of Soraya M.), Adam Greaves-Neal stars as a 7-year-old Jesus Christ. On the streets of Egypt, Jesus has an unfortunate encounter with a bully that unintentionally kills the boy. Having previously healed a bird, Jesus takes it upon himself to heal the boy back to life - an event that causes rejoice among many, and reactions of anger and fear from others.

Coincidentally, Jesus’ (adoptive)…

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