Cicero 's On Friendship And Friendship Essay

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Cicero: Laulius de Amictia “On Friendship”
In present time, a friendship is often known to be a valuable thing in life, a friend is a gift that is cherished for those who have good friendships. A friendship is shown in various ways and has different meanings a friend is a friend who is someone outside your family who you can trust and rely on. In history there have been alliances between countries, in which it could have extended to having an acquaintance or even as a friendship agreement between leaders. In previous decades though what did friendship mean and was it valued the way friendship is presently.
Marcus Tullius Cicero was a well-known Roman senator who was exceptionally intelligent. Cicero was married to Terentia and had two children a daughter named Tullia and a son named Marcus, but sadly his daughter dies, which sends Cicero into a grieving state (Cicero and Abott xlvii). In his time Cicero wrote many publications during his retirement, yet Cicero’s writings were unnoticed until centuries later when humanists unlocked the writings of Cicero as knowledge for the people to educate themselves.
The dialogue that Cicero wrote on friendship was written at the request of his friend Gaius Atticus. The de Amictia “On Friendship” was written around 44 BC after the death of Caesar (Lio 1). Cicero writes about a friendship between Caius Laelius and Scipio Africanus, after Laelius friend Scipio dies. The dialogue first takes place as Laelius as the speaker…

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