Importance Of A Friend

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Having friends can impact on how a person talks, acts, thinks, and much more. This is important because a person is who he/she hangs around with. This means that a person has a choice of how they want to appear and who they are going to hang around with in order to succeed with the appearance they intend to have. This choice is very simple to make, but hard to follow through with. Most people think that another person is/will be a good friend when really that person was simply wasting his/her time in the long run because of the useless relationship gained and never improved anything. This is why picking the right friends are important, so that a person can be better and strive for success. There are different factors that every friend needs, such as the friend’s qualities, priorities, determinations and motivations, virtues and theories, and interests.
First off, in my opinion, qualities of the right friend would be supportive,
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In other words, however a friend sees what right and/or good, should be respected by the other friend. For example, religion is a theory that most people believe in. When a person comes out and says that he/she believes in something, it should be respected that the person took the time and confidence to put that out there. What they believe in is up to them and no one can change that about them, so it is important to understand how to treat friends. Also, respecting the virtues of another friend is important. This means that a person can like a friend not only to use them or get a benefit out of them, but just because they like the company of the person. Having friends because you admire them is most likely the best type of friend that a person may have because of the fact that these friends will be there to help you out later on. This is the type of friend that I need to look for, one that I can admire and follow without getting myself into

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