Chronic Illness : Victims Of Domestic Violence Essay

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The Cause of Chronic Illness in Victims of Domestic Violence
Myrtha Lamore
Molloy College The Cause of Chronic Illness in Victims of Domestic Violence
To know someone’s abusive behavior sometimes is to live with them. The abusers often enter a relationship in false pretense but sooner or later their true colors show up and they exhibit the Jekyl and Hyde behavior that leave their victims confused, disappointed and scarred for life, isolated, scarred. The physical and phycological abuse can leave the victim so traumatized for years, that they may show symptoms of a chronic illness (Maudi et. al. 2013) These abuses can escalate to more serious conditions, sometimes death (C, M, G, et. al, 2014) Unfortunately, these cases may show unnoticed in screening. Bottom line, these occurrences need more robust interventions from the health care staff when someone shows up in a health care facility with a somatic symptom or with any unusual injury.
The Importance of Proper Screening
When someone presents in an Emergency room with trauma, it is the health care worker’s responsibilities to assure accuracy in assessment to them or she may so they can obtain a better health care outcome on behalf of the patient. In her article Implementing a Domestic a Domestic Violence Screening (2015), Suzan advices to screen patients for domestic violence when presented in trauma. The reason why is because that same patient may have previously been admitted in that same hospital for the same reason.…

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