Chronic Illness And Its Effects On Children Essay

1046 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Chronic Illness A chronic illness is any medical condition that is long lasting in its effects and that vary greatly both in their essential characteristics and the ways in which they affect families and its adaptive functioning. Some chronic illness get worse over time, while the symptoms of other chronic illnesses will flare up occasionally. Every family is a balanced system and after learning of a patient’s chronic illness, a family will experience some loss of equilibrium. The illness can cause emotional distress throughout, impair the ability to properly support the patient and particularly if each patient is attempting to deal with his own fears and frustrations alone. The first issue to consider when it comes to the impact of chronic illness is how the disease actually affects the family’s capacity to fulfill its essential purpose and the second issue is the impact of critical components of family functioning, including family structural and organizational patterns, communication processes, multigenerational patterns and the family life cycle, and family belief systems. In this journal, the author will discuss the Fennel’s four phases of chronic illness, how would the model be applied in practice, and the ethical issues involved in this model. Patricia Fennell was the founder of the Fennell Four Phase Model for understanding and treating chronic medical and mental health conditions, trauma, and the effects of crime. Patricia Fennell developed four broad…

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