Christmas Is Always Such A Magical Time Of Year Essay

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Christmas is always such a magical time of year. For me it 's the most wonderful time of the year. I just love baking cookies with my mom, decorating the tree and of course, getting presents, as every kid does. Only good kids get presents though. My mother used to tell me all the time, “you better be a good boy this year Steven, Santa is always watching”. I made sure to always be on my best behavior, especially around the holidays, but I always wondered “how has nobody ever seen the real Santa Claus?”. To my surprise, this was the year when all of that would change.
Twas the night before Christmas. After spending the day baking holiday cookies and making gingerbread houses with my family, it was finally time to go to sleep. As I crawled into bed I just remember how excited I was. "I wish I could just fast forward to tomorrow morning", I told my mom as she tucked me in. "Well the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner it will be morning my dear", she replied. I reluctantly agreed and then shut my eyes hoping to fall fast asleep. Sadly that plan didn’t quite pan out. About an hour passed and there I was, wide awake in bed, eyes still shut. All of a sudden I heard footsteps going down the stairs. "It 's Santa!", I quietly whispered to myself. Then the question came to mind, "Should I try to go see him? No I couldn 't, that has to be against the rules" I stated. I went back & forth for a while but I finally decided that I may never get this chance ever again so I have to at…

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