Christianity And The Spread Of Christianity Essay

777 Words Jun 24th, 2015 4 Pages
In the morning we had class at the church from nine to noon. First, we discussed why it is important to study world Christianity and the spread of Christianity around the world. It is important to study Christianity because 60-70% of the world is Christian and being able to understand people’s beliefs in other cultures is significant. One notion I thought was interesting is the falsified idea that Christianity is a Western invention. When in fact, Christianity started in Asia and Africa. Yet, then why is there is false idea that it is a European invention? The impact of colonialism is apparent and the spread of not only missionary, but cultural customs. Many South African’s struggle with the identity of being a Christian, but also not forgetting traditional and African practices. Christianity came to Latin America because of colonialism. In Latin America the liberation theology is strong because of social-economic issues and trying to overcome the poverty in finding God’s salvation. Again, if God is on the side of the poor than why do the poor often suffer a great deal? Meanwhile, in Asia where the diversity of religions is huge, but there continues to be a minority presence of Christians spread out. In contrast, the continent of Africa has a significant amount of Christians. The colonial powers authority hit Africa last during the height of their reign. The reason Africa was monumentally impacted by colonialism is because of the Africa traditions, such as an oral tradition.…

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