Christianity And Islam : Islam Essays

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Christianity and Islam
Christianity is based on the teachings of the gospel as preached by Jesus especially on the concept of love and forgiveness. The principle source of Christian belief and practices is the Bible. Islam depends on the lessons of Prophet Muhammad as uncovered to him by the blessed messenger Gabriel. The Islamic religion requests its devotees to surrender everything to Allah, and take after His lessons entirely as outlined in the Qur 'an which was written God’s last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad. Despite what might be expected, Islam depends on the code of laws called the Sharia. As much as the two religions, Islam and Christianity having some differences; they share many relationships.
Two dominating facts dominate the relations between Christianity and Islam. The first fact is that in Islam the term dialogue is unheard of while the second one states that Islam has a potentiality of conquering the world. In other words, the probability of converting an Islam is next to zero, yet their probability of converting other religions like the Christians are very high. Islam mirrors the stark and straightforwardness of the Arabian Desert where it was conceived. A Muslim knows precisely where he stands (Buddhism vs. Christianity 1). A Muslim no matter how the world is confused will never get involved in the worldly things like prostitution, getting drunk as compared to the Christians who are not staunch on their religion principles. The Islam’s creed has never…

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